julio 29, 2020 2 min read

Every chain is valuable and should be treated as such. Every type of jewelry, especially very valuable ones, requires a certain amount of care. To keep your jewelry as long as possible and to make it look like new, here are a few tips and tricks; no matter if it is pure gold, gold plated or silver jewelry.

1. First the make-up, then the accessories
Lotions, hairspray and other cosmetics contain chemicals that can damage or tarnish your jewelry. To avoid this, avoid direct contact with such substances and apply your makeup and hair products first, and then put on your jewelry.

2. When cleaning the house - remove the jewelry
Your beloved jewelry hates cleaning as much as you do. Especially household cleaning products contain many aggressive chemicals that can attack the material of your jewelry. Don't risk it - first take off your jewelry and then reach for a mop or rag.

3. Jewlry and pools are not compatible
Everybody loves to cool off in a cool pool on a hot summer day. But pools and swimming pools contain a lot of chlorine, which can discolour your jewellery if it comes into contact with it for too long. Be on the safe side: when you change into your bathing clothes, also take off your jewelry directly.

4. No jewelry when getting into the bathtub
Soaps and shampoos leave a great scent on your skin and cleanse beautifully, but that could be a touch too much of a good thing for your jewelry if certain chemicals are present. Too frequent bathing or showering while wearing your personalized jewelry can leave a film on your jewelry that permanently minimizes the shine or even attacks the material.

5. Store your jewelry carefully
The right storage can work wonders and help you to enjoy your jewelry for a long time. It is best to store your jewelry in a separate box where it will not come into contact with other jewelry, get tangled up or be in danger of being lost. A jewelry box lined with soft fabric is a very good choice, but you can also line a simple shoe box with fabric to store your jewelry. Corrosion protection paper strips are a very good additional investment to prevent oxidation and the resulting clouding of your jewellery.

Any jewelry can tarnish. The best way to prevent this is still the careful handling and holistic care of your jewelry. We at Engraving-Store recommend that you clean your gold and silver jewelry with a soft cleaning cloth at the end of each day to remove fingerprints or oils that may have accumulated from everyday wear. Once a week we recommend a more extensive cleaning - use a simple mixture of half a cup of warm water with a few squirts of mild liquid soap, soak your jewelry for 3 minutes. Then wash your jewelry with clear water and let it dry. Done!

Your personalized jewelry will capture the special moments of your life for eternity, so take care of your jewelry.